What is the best highlighter? Discover some options


To apply makeup correctly, you need to know which parts of the faces to shade and which to lighten, so it’s not just about applying the product. Also, you have to deal with your skin tone and the rest of your makeup, and hey, it’s not simple. That’s why you always need to choose quality products and that’s exactly how I intend to help you. Find out below which is the best highlighter for your skin tone and goals to ensure a natural makeup.

What is the highlighter for?

As the name itself says, it serves to bring shine to makeup, as it is common that when applying foundation and powder, the skin looks drier. The illuminator serves precisely to bring that glow and naturalness, leaving your skin looking much better.

It is a finisher and the part where it is applied will be very highlighted, so no exaggeration or indiscriminate application, ok? Because it is not used so much, there are people who do not know and do not understand its function properly.

The illuminator can also come in different colors, but each one has its recommendation based on skin tones, the rest of the makeup and the end goal. Lighter skin does well with white highlighters, while dark skin does not do well with golden highlighters.

Before choosing the best highlighter

You are probably already wanting to try a highlighter, right? But do you know how many types there are? Not only can different brands and colors of highlighters be found, but also different types that will fit better depending on the situation.

liquid illuminator

This is the most used and is one of the ones that cause the best shine, but it has the disadvantage of being difficult to apply. In this case, you need to apply little and only on selected areas, or you may end up wrong with your makeup.

They are the best if you want a more seductive and eye-catching effect. Perfect for parties, especially at night.

cream highlighter

They are the most versatile and fit into any situation, being easy to apply. As they are a little easier to apply than liquids, they are recommended for beginners, as you will already be able to better understand the effects of an illuminator on finishing.

It is also recommended that you opt for different shades of white as they suit any skin type.


pencil highlighter

Don’t be fooled into thinking the mixture is dry, because it’s a mixture of cream and liquid, you know? It is very intense and can be used in multiple situations. Always have one in your bag, for different situations, as they are more affordable and do the job.

The recommendation is to use it during the day, because they are more natural than the ones mentioned above. Of course it will depend on how you apply it.

powder highlighter

This is the one that causes the most natural effect, in addition to serving any type of skin (oily or dry). If you want something more relaxed and light, or your makeup is already heavy and you just want a softer glow, this is your option. Any other highlighter will carry your makeup even more.


For day events, this is also the best option. Not to mention that they tend to be better than other highlighters when applied to the cheeks.

Of course, there is also the factor that you can use different types of brush to absorb the powder and apply, which makes it quite versatile.

Make B Liquid

It costs approximately $50.00 and guarantees a natural effect, suitable for any skin type. The product is so good that it can be applied alone (no foundation or powder needed) and it already gives a complete effect. It works for day and night.

The finish is more dry and natural, so you’d need to apply a lot if you wanted something more loaded and flashy.

MAC Mineralize Powder

Okay, if you don’t mind spending and just want the quality of the product, then this is the best option. The Mineralize illuminating powder costs around $180.00 and will have a practically perfect finish. In addition to being natural, it can be easily applied to load your make.

No matter what your situation, day, night, hot or cold, MAC powder is the best highlighter option. You don’t even have to bother using foundation or another product, as it is quite effective on its own.

The Balm Brightening Palette

Why have just one highlighter shade, considering the market price, when you can have 3? That’s exactly what Them Balm palette gives you. Three different shades of illuminator that can be applied as you see fit.

Despite being more discreet, it fits into any situation of your daily life, including night situations. Not to mention that the palette can be used simultaneously, that is, you can apply a color on the cheeks and another close to the eyes.

Strobe Cream

This one is extremely recommended for dry skin, as it also has a moisturizing function. It costs around $150.00 and is a discreet highlighter. Its use is recommended together with foundation and powder, but know that it can also be applied individually.

Decided which is the best highlighter?

You may have noticed that they are priced a little high, but there are also many on the market that are quality and have a lower price. If you’re not sure, go for a cheaper one and see how it interacts with the rest of your makeup and then take the next step, which is to get one you really want.

Remember to always buy quality products, as your skin may not do well and be harmed. The best highlighter is the one that fits in your pocket as well as your face.

Do you like them? Will you try to make them? Please tell me everything in the comments. ❤

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