Translucent powder: which is the best to finish makeup?


Especially for those who have oily skin, staying all day with flawless makeup and without the face starting to shine is a very difficult mission. However, with the evolution of HD (High Definition) makeup, among them, the famous  translucent powder , the task is no longer impossible.

Also known as makeup fixing powder or mattifying powder, translucent powder has become one of the most beloved products of the moment, especially among famous bloggers and makeup lovers.

And, despite having as main functions to set makeup and mattify the skin, especially in the case of oily skin, the fact is that it is very versatile and can also be a great ally in other skin types and for other purposes in the production.

Among them, to cover the pores, since they have a very fine texture, ideal also to be used as  a face primer , offering an impeccable finish to the makeup, which will look like “doll skin”. No wonder it is a  must have  for all makeup artists.

Want to know more about translucent powder, what it’s for and which are the best on the market? So, keep an eye on the next paragraphs and learn all about this miraculous product!

What is translucent powder used for?


The translucent powder serves to mattify the skin and fix the makeup, reducing the oily appearance of the skin and providing greater durability to the production, leaving the makeup always looking “dry” and having a velvety touch, as if it were really “doll skin”.

In other words, for makeup artists, it works like a makeup sealer. And, unlike the compact powder, which must be applied according to the skin tone, the translucent powder, as it does not have a specific tone, can compose the makeup without affecting the tone of the other products you used before, as is the case foundation ,  concealer ,  compact powder,  BB Cream  or any other.

The translucent powder can be found in white, pink and yellow colors, as is the case with the famous banana powder. For these and other reasons, translucent powder can never be missing from your toiletry bag.

How to use?

The translucent powder should always be used in the finish of the makeup, after the base and other products of the production, in order to seal the make. You can apply it with the help of a big soft brush.

In addition, it has other functions, which serve as extra tricks for those who want to take advantage of all the features of this product in their makeup. Look:

  • Concealer:  Apply the translucent powder in cases where the concealer tends to crack. It will have the function of sealing that part.
  • Lipstick:  If you want to give the matte effect to your creamy lipsticks, just use the loose powder together to achieve a good result.
  • Eyeliner:  If your eyeliner tends to run throughout the day, you can apply translucent powder to your eyelids before using liquid or kajal eyeliner.
  • Lashes:  Want more volume on your lashes? Then, apply some translucent powder before applying mascara and see the result.

Should I use translucent powder or compact powder?

Both the translucent powder and the compact powder have the function of giving the finish to the makeup, being applied after the base, primer, concealer, etc., to better fix the makeup.

However, they have very different textures. While the first one gives a lighter aspect to the production, the second one should be used when the objective is to give a more intense finish to the makeup, with a more “plastered” aspect.

You can use both together or just one of the two. There is no rule for this! It all depends on the effect you want on your skin.

What is the best translucent powder on the market?

Now that you know everything about what it’s for and how to use translucent powder, it’s time to find out which is the best on the beauty market today.

However, as there are many good and quality brands, instead of just talking about a translucent powder, we decided to bring a list of the best and most used by the vain, including bloggers and makeup youtubers. Check out what they are:

1 – Payot Twilight Translucent Face Powder


This is one of the darlings of the vain makeup lovers to seal the entire production. Payot’s translucent powder helps to finish and set makeup, giving the skin a flawless finish, without clogging pores, as well as helping to control oiliness.

It has a sanded formula, which easily adheres to the dermis, without weighing it down. The average price of this product is $30.

2 – Vult Translucent Facial Powder HD


Vult’s translucent powder is one of the most popular at the moment, thanks to its illuminating effect. The product has ultra-fine and loose particles, which minimize small imperfections and give a natural and light finish to the derma.

The packaging is also very practical. This translucent powder comes with a bung (protection with holes) to avoid waste. The average price of the HD Vult Translucent Facial Powder is $30.

3 – Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder


Another of the best-known translucent powders among vain women who love make-up is the Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder. With a thin and invisible coverage, it helps to set makeup, giving a more natural finish to the skin.

The product has a light-reflecting formula, which helps to disguise fine lines and small imperfections in the dermis. In addition, Mary Kay’s translucent powder also helps control skin shine and is non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores and therefore doesn’t cause blackheads and whiteheads).

The product value is a little higher than the previous ones, at $ 75, but it’s super worth it!

4 – Luisance HD Studio Translucent Fixing Powder


In the category of the cheapest, but very efficient, is the HD Studio Translucent Fixing Powder by Luisance. It also helps to set makeup and give a matte finish, leaving the skin looking more natural and light.

In addition, this product also helps control skin oiliness for up to 12 hours. And best of all, all these benefits come at an average price of $15.

5 – Ruby Rose Bright Touch Neutral Loose Powder


Another of the cheap finds among the many translucent powders available in the cosmetics market is Ruby Rose’s Pó Loto Bright Touch Neutral Claro. The product has an ultra-fine and velvety texture, which helps to seal the makeup, leaving the skin looking “dry” and illuminated throughout the day.

In addition, Ruby Rose’s translucent powder also helps to disguise the appearance of pores and expression lines, among other small imperfections, while controlling the oiliness of the skin, being indicated mainly for those who have this type of skin. The average price of the product is $ 15.

6 – Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent Powder


Another of the more expensive translucent powders category, the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent Powder is one of several translucent powders from the brand, being part of the best seller in the United States.

This product is sold mainly at the Sephora store and, like the others, it has the function of fixing makeup, making it last longer, in addition to mattifying the skin, reducing the oily appearance for longer and disguising expression lines and small imperfections. It is suitable for mixed and oily skin.

The average value of Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent Powder is R$170. But it is possible to find other varieties of translucent powders from the brand, even cheaper, at an average price of R$90. according to your skin’s needs.

7 – Playboy Powder Microfinish Banana Translucent Facial Powder


Banana powder is one of the most popular types of translucent powders today. And one of the brands that makes this product available is Playboy, being one of the most sought after in the cosmetics market.

In addition to helping to set makeup, it is also often applied below the eyes, in order to highlight this area, or to give a touch of lighting to other parts of the face throughout the makeup.

Playboy Powder Microfinish Banana Translucent Facial Powder has a fine texture and a silky, matte effect. And you don’t even need to apply much of this product on the derma to see its effects on production. The average price of Playboy translucent banana powder is R$15.

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