Liquid foundations: discover the 5 best ones on the market!


Anyone who likes to put on makeup, whether on a daily basis or for special occasions, knows that betting on a good foundation for the skin is crucial to leaving your makeup beautiful and uniform.

This product, which has numerous versions, with different types of textures and finishes, is responsible for covering face imperfections (such as dark circles and blemishes), leaving it smooth and ready to receive the other products that will be used in the production.

And among the various options of makeup bases currently available on the beauty market,  liquid foundation  is one of the favorites, since, in addition to having excellent covering power, it corrects imperfections on the face, while helping to hydrate the skin. dermis.

In addition, the foundation in the liquid version is also easier to apply and is quite democratic, and can be used on dry, oily, mixed, young or mature skins.

But with so many brands currently available in the cosmetics market, with varying levels of texture and prices, what is the best liquid foundation to use in makeup?

If you’ve come this far with this question, check out the list of the  best liquid makeup foundations  that we’ve put together for you!

Why use liquid foundation?


Despite the matte effect being the preference in recent years among Brazilian women, now the trend for semi-matte or illuminated skin, the so-called glow effect, is emerging in the makeup universe.

And liquid foundation is the best option to get results in this type of makeup finish, while hydrating and offering greater coverage. In addition, because they are lighter, liquid foundations are the most suitable for summer, especially in oil-free versions.

Women with oily skin should opt for the oil-free liquid foundation any season of the year. However, if you have this type of skin, but prefer foundations with a matte effect, the good news is that there are also liquid foundations that deliver this finish to the derma at the end of the makeup.

Liquid foundation with glow, semi-matte or matte effect?

Confused about which type of liquid foundation to choose for you? It’s simple! You can choose the product from three different versions and, therefore, different levels of coverage and finish: with glow, semi-matte and matte effect.

The liquid foundation with glow effect is lighter and, therefore, leaves the skin looking more natural, healthy and with more vigor, as it does not have very high coverage. Those with a semi-matte effect are ideal for those looking for greater coverage, but with a smooth finish.

Finally, the liquid foundation with a matte effect is the one that has excellent coverage and leaves the skin matte, eliminating the dreaded oily appearance, ideal for vain women who suffer from oiliness. However, those who have wrinkles and expression lines should be careful with this version of the product, since, as it is more “dry”, it can end up highlighting these problems.

What are the best liquid foundations on the market?

Now that you know everything about the functionality and types of liquid foundations, it’s time to check out the list of the best liquid foundations on the market that we’ve separated for you!

1 – Matte Vult Effect Liquid Foundation


Indicated for those with oily or combination skin, Vult’s liquid foundation has a matte effect, which means that it offers an opaque finish with a dry touch. In addition, due to its light texture, it provides medium and long-lasting coverage.

You can find Vult liquid foundation from 8 shades, between warm, cool and neutral. It is possible to apply the product during the day with tranquility, without “heavy” on the makeup.

Despite the dry touch, this liquid foundation does not have the power to control the oiliness of the skin during the day. However, it also does not worsen the situation. The average price of this product is $ 28.

2 – Matte Soft Ruby Rose Liquid Foundation


Ruby Rose Matte Soft’s new liquid foundation helps control oiliness, while masking skin imperfections, with high coverage, great finish and long-lasting matte effect.

In addition to being excellent for those who prefer foundations more in the “plaster” style, the product can be found in a variety of 14 different shades, divided into nude, beige and chocolate categories. The average price of Ruby Rose’s liquid foundation is $15.

3 – Mary Kay Timewise Liquid Foundation


Despite having a slightly higher price than the other liquid foundations we’ve listed here, Mary Kay’s Timewise Liquid Foundation is perfect for those looking for a medium coverage product with a slightly matte effect.

The foundation has great duration on the skin throughout the day and can be used by all skin types, from the driest to the oily ones. No wonder she is considered a “wildcard” for those who like makeup. The value of the product is $ 64.

4 – Liquid Foundation Matte Effect Make B Boticário


The liquid foundation of the Make B line, by O Boticário, has a matte effect on the makeup and helps to leave the production looking more dry throughout the day. The product has medium coverage, which leaves the dermis uniform.

In addition to helping to cover small imperfections on the face and minimize expression lines and reduce the appearance of pores, it is also resistant to water and sweat, giving makeup greater durability.

Also, because it has vitamin E in its formula, O Boticário’s liquid foundation, an excellent antioxidant for dermis, can also help prevent premature aging. The price of this product is $ 69.90.

5 – Supermate Liquid Foundation Quem Disse, Berenice?


Quem Disse, Berenice? It has a matte effect and helps to leave the skin dry throughout the day, in addition to not cracking and having excellent durability, being resistant to sweat and water.

In addition, the product dries fast, is oil-free and does not build up in fine lines or pores. You can find the brand’s liquid foundation in 20 different shades. It is more suitable for oily skin. The price of the product is $ 49.90.

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