Hairstyles for job interview: see 8 ideal models!


It is true that appearance is not a determining factor for you to be hired for the job you so desire.

However, your interview look can highlight the qualities you described on your resume, such as cleanliness and organization, in addition to making you look more professional and elegant. And remember: the first impression is the last one!

And hair, whether we like it or not, is our “business card”. Therefore, in today’s article, you will check out 5  hairstyles options for a job interview  for you to combine with all the requirements you already have for the vacancy and rock this important occasion for your professional career.

The models that we are going to show you here are simple but sophisticated; delicate, but showing personality. And, of course, they can’t help but be practical. Check them out below!

1 – Low ponytail


In addition to being very practical, the low ponytail makes the look very formal and elegant. And it is very easy and practical to make! Just make a side part (if you want the hairstyle to be on the side) or part your hair in the middle and pin the strands back, at the nape of the neck.

The trick to make the ponytail even more sophisticated is to separate a strand to wrap in the elastic, in order to hide the accessory. It’s pure charm!

2 – Half-twisted with twisted strands


Another super simple option of hairstyles for a job interview, but which leaves the look beautiful and elegant as if it had been well designed, is the half-up hair with twisted strands.

To make this arrangement, just take two strands of hair from the front, one on each side, and twist them, bringing them back and securing them more loosely with an elegant clip, as is the case with wooden or metallic. It looks very chic!

3 – Low bun


This is one of the most classic hairstyles and perfectly matches any formal occasion, including a job interview. And the more polished and tidy it gets, the more elegance it will convey.

To make the low bun , simply part your hair in half and make a low ponytail. Then, twist the entire length of the strands and wrap them around the elastic band. To secure the bun, use some bobby pins (as many as you need). Ready!

4 – Tuft


This is also a very practical and easy hairstyle, but it denotes elegance and formality for a job interview. And to do it, it’s very simple!

Just separate a part of the front of the hair and unravel the strands at the back of the section, from top to bottom. Then, spray some hairspray , secure the strand with bobby pins and you’re done!

You can pair this hairstyle with a half up hairstyle or even a high or low ponytail. It looks beautiful!

5 – Side semi-trap


The side half up is quite simple, but gives the impression of an elaborate hairstyle, which leaves the look very sophisticated. To do so, it’s very easy! Simply secure one side of the hair with bobby pins or clips (preferably metallic or wooden) and you’re done!

6 – Natural yarn tiara


Another ideal hairstyle for a job interview that you will have no problem doing yourself is the natural wire tiara. Simple and sophisticated! To do so, it’s quite easy.

With your hair well combed, take the strands back and divide them in half. Then, separate two side strands (one on each side of the head) and secure them with the help of a bobby pin at the nape of the neck, behind the rest of the remaining hair that will be loose.

7 – Braid


Despite being classic and apparently common, braids never go out of style and are quite versatile and democratic, and can be used on any occasion, including formal ones, and by any woman. They make the look very elegant!

You can make a simple and unique braid or combine it with half up or up hairstyles , like a ponytail, for example. To make a simple braid, divide your hair into three parts and pass the side strands over the central strand.

Go alternating one side and the other, until you reach the ends of the wires. When you get there, secure the end of the braid with the help of an elastic band. Simple as that, but very sophisticated.

8 – High bun


Like the low bun, the high bun can also convey the ideal elegance and formality for a job interview. In addition to being a classic, it matches all hair types and is very easy to do.

All you will need are bobby pins and an elastic band. So, to do this hairstyle, bring your hair to the top of your head and secure it with an elastic band. Then wrap the hair around the elastic, securing the ends of the strands with the help of a bobby pin.

To leave the wires tidy for longer, apply a modeling ointment . Ready!

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