Confetti decorated nails: inspirations for Carnival nails!


Carnival is here… how about completing the look using confetti decorated nails?

Because this is that time of year where we want everything to have the party and joy that are typical of Carnival.

Including our nails, of course! Why would it be different?

We prepared a simple and quick tutorial on how to make your own decorated confetti nails.

In addition, at the end of the article there is a gallery of photos that will convince you to play this trend!

Getting into the Carnival Mood

When the carnival begins to approach, all we want is for it to arrive soon!

And when it arrives, we don’t want it to end so quickly – the marchinha used to say: “ah, ungrateful Wednesday”!

So one way to start getting into the carnival mood in a discreet way is to use confetti decorated nails.

Even if you work in a super serious environment, we have selected some very discreet options, which will only add an extra charm and a touch of joy to your look.

Also, of course, check out the playlist and start getting in the mood!

How to make your nails decorated with confetti?

Making confetti decorated nails is no amazing mystery.

Nor is it a task that requires high manual skills.

At least this mod of confetti decorated nails that we are going to teach you how to do by yourself.

Of course, there is no single way to make your nails decorated with confetti.

Some of these methods really require more skill and we even recommend that you leave the execution to a professional who has experience and knowledge in the subject.

Some nail polish manufacturers produce nail polishes that already have that confetti “face”!


But this method that we will teach you is super simple and you can do it yourself at home.

Step by step on how to make your nails decorated with confetti

  1. Separate several colors of colored nail polishes;
  2. Have several toothpicks on hand;
  3. Do your nails as usual;
  4. Apply a transparent base and wait for it to dry;
  5. Choose the color that will be the background of your confetti decorated nails. We recommend that you choose a light color, which can even be the transparent base itself or the classic lace;
  6. Then apply a hand of this nail polish on all nails and wait for it to dry;
  7. Get the colored nail polishes and a toothpick for each one;
  8. Start making colored balls with the help of toothpicks. It’s best if you use one color at a time and wait for it to dry so the colors don’t mix;
  9. After the “confetti” is completely dry, apply a base coat of varnish and once again wait for it to dry well.

Ready! You’re ready to get in the carnival mood!

If you need to make confetti decorated nails more discreet, choose to use an only daughter with confetti.

In this case, opt for a light color on the nails, not just the transparent base. This way all the nails will look more neat .

Other Confetti Decorated Nails

The decorated confetti nails that we just taught you are the simplest.

Exactly so you can do it yourself if you don’t have time – or no money – to go to the manicure.

But there are several options of nails decorated with confetti for you to parade in the carnival – one more beautiful than the other.

And most of them are less discreet.

Confetti nails can be based on a glitter nail polish and then confetti.

Or you can add an extra touch of glamor to your confetti-decorated nails by using tiny colored stones to make the confetti.

In the nail accessories market it is also possible to find mini balls to apply on nails decorated with confetti.

There is even the option of using mini sequins to decorate your nails with confetti.

All of these applications are more complex and require greater skill.

So if you’re not very skilled, it’s better to turn to a professional.

Or take a risk! And if you don’t like it, remove it. It won’t hurt!


Falling into the revelry of confetti-decorated nails

And if you have more skill or really like to do your own nails , you can vary the nails decorated with confetti until the carnival arrives.

There’s still some time until then, so you can vary the confetti. Literally!

See how many sensational options are in our gallery and enjoy each block with a different model of nails decorated with confetti!

Remember that this is the time of year when even the most shy and reserved are free to dare.

Allow yourself to use something you wouldn’t use in your everyday life.

Many women love colored nails and wear them all year round, but many don’t for a variety of reasons.

Enjoy the carnival and play in colors, even if you just jump on the couch at home, watching Netflix !

Confetti decorated nails photo gallery

Check out these images that we have selected for you!

We’re sure you won’t be able to resist and you’ll throw yourself into the confetti-decorated nail fashion!


This one is for the skilled or professional nail art.


As discreet as perfect.


Because it’s carnival, you play in the joy of colors and sparkles!


It’s worth trying to do it yourself! Sometimes you are more skilled than you think! A toothpick, a black nail polish and voila!


The dark glaze in the background helps make the colored confetti more visible.


Wonderful, glamorous, pure perfection!


Francesinha style confetti nails! A luxury only!


Feathers, sequins, confetti and streamers!


And very, very luxury and glamour!

Final considerations

If Carnival is a time for joy, why not bring joy to your nails too ?

Take advantage of our tips, get inspired by our photo gallery and play with confetti decorated nails.

Do you like them? Will you try to make them? Please tell me everything in the comments. ❤

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